Spiders, Get Rid of them the Natural Way

Most species of spiders are harmless, but that does not stop them from being unwelcome in our homes. If neglected, these little guys can build mansions in hidden areas around the house, which can go undetected for months. It gets worse if you have a baby in the house and have to resort to cleaning all the time. If that is the case or you simply want to get rid of them and keep them from your home, here are a few items around the house you can use.

Garlic: Vampires are not the only ones who hate garlic. Spiders do too. It contains a natural sulfur compound called allicin which is very irritating to spiders. Put a clove of garlic whole or crushed into a spray bottle filled with water and spray around corners, under tables, dark areas and every other place where a spider might be.
Citrus: Citrus is a great repellant, be it orange, grape, lime, or lemon especially lemon. You can rub lemon peels on door posts, windowsills or any surface where the spiders hang out. You can also use lemon juice and water as spider-repellent.
Vinegar: Repelling spiders is one of the many uses of vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water and spray on areas where spiders are most likely to be.
Peppermint oil: Though you may be fond of peppermint, the smell of mint drives spiders crazy. Simply put a few drops in a spray bottle of water and spray on areas where you know they gather.
Tobacco: You may not be a smoker but it is worth knowing that the pungent smell of tobacco wards off your uninvited little guests. Boil some tobacco in water and when cool, spray around dark corners and places you suspect they may be hiding.


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