How To Redesign Your House To Increase Its Value

Before putting up your house for sale, your property must be as appealing as possible for you to increase its value. There are several ways to increase its value and one of the ways is through changing how it appears. Re designing your house will be able to increase its selling price higher and have a good margin in trading.  This week we show you how you can redesign your house to increase its value:

Redesigning involves improving and giving a “new look” to the home by improving some of its elements and key features. The principle is to make it look as attractive as possible for future occupants. This will give you a profit far greater than your investment.


For the prospect occupant of the house, whether an owner or a tenant, the kitchen, bathroom and the toilets are the most important parts of a house in most cases. It is better to ensure that everything in the general bathroom and washroom areas are updated. Repair any cracks, leaks or other faults that could repel the customer. Replace taps, piping, seals or other accessories that are too old or damaged.

The hygiene and cleanliness of these rooms are parameters to be taken into account: walls and accessories should be clean and dust free.

A Fresh Coat of Paint does wonders

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders!  In addition to cleanliness, the buyer will always be attracted to a new home with doors and windows that do not squeak and close well, new paint, stairs in good condition, etc. A new roof and a solid, shiny floor will also reassure your customer.

Make sure your house is well ventilated and contains no bad odors.

The Devil is in the Detail

Every buyer tends to prefer a modern good house to an old one unless they are looking for a property that they can turn into another structure easily. If you need to replace accessories and settings, opt for the pieces with more design. Also, be sure to dispose of any attachments that may create a mess in each room (eg, tapestry).

Inspect the walls and spot any holes before repainting. Finally, if you have a garden, it is advisable to get rid of the weeds and to present a well-kept flower bed (You can always pave the parking to make the compound look more structured and appealing.

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