What You Should Look For When Looking For Your Perfect Apartment

You are finally moving out of your parents home, looking forward to moving into a new apartment and wondering what to expect, what to prioritize inyour search and how to search for your apartment? People tend to get lost in small details and only realize after they have moved in that they made decision based on the trivial matters. It is important to look at this new apartment as your new permanent home when picking it out and make sure it is perfect for you.

Here are some of the things to look out for when looking for your new apartment:

What you want versus what you need

Clearly spell out your priorities in order of importance. There are things you may have always hoped of having in your apartment and there are things you do not need very urgently. Write down a list of things you need and look for an apartment that meets your requirements. The most important thing in apartment hunting is knowing what you need, if you know what you need, you will not make an impulsive decision that you may later regret.


The idea of living in your own apartment is always appealing before you think about all the expenses that come with it. There’s more to an apartment than the amount paid for rent or purchase. Look for an apartment you can afford to not only rent or buy but also sustain.

When apartment hunting, consider the costs involved for example bills : electricity, water and other utilities. Fix the maximum price that your budget can allow and search for something below it.


Think about the security in the apartment. Is the apartment burglar proof, does it have fire extinguishers, fire alarms and are the locks working? These should be the main priorities on your checklist. Look for an apartment that is keen on security in terms of location and the general structure of the building.


The benefits of location cannot be overstated. Would you rather live in a far off and affordable apartment or in a near and costly one? Is the apartment conveniently located close to your       workplace or home? If you are looking to buy one, what is the likelihood that the resale value will meet your expectation basing on the amenities surrounding the apartment’s location?


Inspection is one of the most important steps in finding the perfect apartment. Pay attention to details so that you can get value for the money you are paying. You may go ahead and pay a house inspector before moving into an apartment to make sure all the crucial details are in check before paying for the property.

What about the future?

When looking for an apartment, you need to think about your plans for the future and how cost effective your purchase is. For example, a newly married couple buying a one bedroom apartment is not feasible as they plan on having children in the near future who will need more space, such a couple would rather rent and save up for a bigger apartment over time.

If you plan on selling the apartment after a period of time, think about the resale value, cost of repairs.

Searching for an apartment can be a fun and a hopeful experience however, it should be handled with extra caution. The above are just some of the aspects to consider besides other individual needs that you may have.

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