Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Fire is one of the biggest threats to home safety especially in the sunny season. It’s is up to every property owner, to ensure their home is properly guarded against any fires and well equipped in case the fire is to occur.

Nas realtors Ltd takes you through simple everyday strategies to help you prevent any fire outbreaks.

Always turn off sockets: Most fire outbreaks are caused by minor mistakes such as forgetting to turn off a socket, leaving the cooker or flat iron on. These are appliances that we use so often that we forget how much harm it can cause if not handled with extra caution. It is always better to be safe than sorry so it shouldn’t hurt to double check whenever you are stepping out of the house, or going to bed, to ensure that everything is in place and out of harm’s way.




Fire extinguishers : These are very essential in ensuring fire safety. Fire extinguishers are the first solution to prevent any harm in case of a breakout. It’s always wise to set up fire extinguishers in essential areas that may be most prone to fire breakouts for example the kitchen, bathrooms or places that have electrical appliances. Extinguishers are easy to use and helpful in preventing major damage in your home.

Insurance: Another helpful tip is to get your property and house insured against fire. Insurance may be costly on a monthly basis but will benefit you in the long run in case of any fire because, the insurance will help you retrieve any property you may have lost in the fire.


Fire alarms and smoke detectors: Smoke detectors are helpful in detecting the smoke before the fire erupts so that it can be curbed before causing any major damage. These small gadgets are able to help in detecting the fire early enough so that other measures can be implemented so that safety is ensured before any major damages arise. It is important to install smoke detectors in homes that have children because they can usually create fires out of anything.

Have a fire escape plan: Members of the household should always be informed about what to do when a fire begins, they should be aware of where exactly the fire escape exit is and the easiest way they can access it in case of a fire outbreak. This fire escape should be simple to maneuver by both children, adults and the disabled.

Other precautions that can be taken to prevent fire include;

  • Restrain from overloading electrical circuits as this may lead to short circuits.
  • Do not run extension cables below carpets. These wear out easily and could cause a short circuit leading to a fire.
  • Place candles on candle stands or other metallic stands and not plastic or paper as these can easily cause a fire.

Finally always check ashtrays before emptying them into a trash can as they may contain some fire particle that could eventually erupt into an actual flame and lead to a fire outbreak.

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